Client Lifecycle Journey Configured by the Bank

Fast-growing bank configures client lifecycle journey themselves

Growing quickly and faced with ever changing regulations, the bank wanted to automate client processes as much and as independently as possible. 

The bank chose the most pragmatic setup: Configuring the processes themselves and deploying on Atfinity’s cloud.

About the Client

The client is a successful private bank, specialized in serving the clientele of independent asset managers. They serve thousands of private and entity clients from a multitude of domiciles around the world and cover all typical private banking services.

The bank cooperates with dozens of independent asset managers that are involved in the onboarding and servicing of their wealthy clientele.

Starting point

As a top banking provider, the client has always placed highest priority on complying with regulations. The fast growing bank recognized that ever changing regulations require them to gather other, more specific or further client information in the future.

In the past, the bank has gathered and stored a lot of client data in their CRM system – but not in a process tool that ensured the right data is collected. Therefore, three main questions arose:

  1. How to fulfill the regulatory requirements while keeping the effort for collecting additional data low (i.e. only filling the gaps)?
  2. How to handle regulatory remediations in the future without scaling up the compliance organization unnecessarily?
  3. How to be as independent as possible from third parties when it comes to regulatory remediations?

Atfinity’s solution

In order to be as independent as possible, the bank chose to perform the process configuration themselves. Hence, Atfinity has first performed workshops with the client to define the user journey, data model and integrations. After that, Atfinity provided structured training to selected non-IT employees to empower them to configure processes themselves.

A non-IT employee of the bank then configured three different processes independently:

  1. Client onboarding
  2. Investor profiling
  3. Knowledge and experience.

During the process configuration Atfinity supported the client with weekly expert calls, exchanging best practices and jointly developing solutions to complicated configuration needs.

To fulfill the timeline of the bank and to keep maintenance efforts low, the software is deployed and run in Atfinity’s cloud environment. Connections to the core systems are set up through highly secured channels and users are authenticated through Microsoft Azure’s Active Directory.


With Atfinity the bank is able to fulfill the regulatory requirements in time and in a very efficient manner. The connection between the core systems and Atfinity allowed for minimal additional work to be performed by the bankers and the correct data and documents collected from the client. 

At the same time, the chosen setup was the most cost effective as the devops efforts are minimal and all adaptations  can entirely be done by the bank. 


Due to the strong requirement of the client to set up the processes themselves, Atfinity established a structured training program for clients and tailored its documentation accordingly.