Atfinity is a no-code platform that automates custom client processes without writing a single line of code

See how we do it

Automate complex processes within weeks

Describe even the most complex processes with simple logic and in just a few steps. Our AI-inspired systems automatically calculate an optimal user journey and generate an interactive tool. No coding required! Follow our short demonstration on how the system works.

Easy to integrate with your infrastructure

Looking to integrate Atfinity into your IT-architecture? Atfinity has an extensive API to get data out of and into other systems. You can even integrate data sources, such as your core banking system, directly into Atfinity’s user interface.

We also offer standard integrations with LDAP, Azure Active Directory, WorldCheck, ComplyAdvantage, Avaloq, Digicert QuoVadis, IDnow and more. 

Change processes yourself

The world is changing – so do regulations, your clients and your offering. With Atfinity we embrace this by giving you and your process owners the power to make those changes at any point in time at your own speed. This means time to market is reduced dramatically.

Our cloud or your servers

Atfinity is ready to run in the Atfinity cloud, your private cloud or on your servers. Anything from a single server to a Kubernetes cluster is supported by our software and our DevOps experts.

Standalone or headless

Atfinity was built to also work in a headless mode, serving your custom Apps and frontends. Let Atfinity be your logic layer while you optimize your user experience. Need to handle an edge case? Let your compliance teams handle the edge case in our user interfaces.

Built with banking-level security

In order to fulfil the high security needs of our sophisticated clients, our software is constantly protected by Snyk and Scanmeter. We are happy to support you to run Atfinity safely and securely both in your own infrastructure or our cloud.
«We will find a way to
integrate Atfinity into your
infrastructure, as well»
Thorben Croisé, CTO Atfinity
This is how processes work in Atfinity
Step 01 / 03

Upload your existing documents

  • First, simply upload your existing forms, documents and checklists to Atfinity.
  • You can also connect your exisiting APIs or activate some of our standard integrations, such as WorldCheck.
  • If you are just starting, we are happy to share some of our best practices on what documents and APIs you will need for your process.
Step 02 / 03

Define when these documents are needed

  • ... simply tell Atfinity when your document, form or checklist is needed. For example this W-9 form is needed for every individual person living in the US.
  • Next just place fields like first name or date of birth on the document.
  • Once you have gone through all your documents and APIs, Atfinity calculates the optimal process for you...
Step 03 / 03

Start using the process immediately

  • … and delivers automatically a wizard that guides your users through the relevant questions in a dynamic journey.