End-to-end Onboardings

Highly-customizable software 

Atfinity gives you a highly-customizable end-to-end client onboarding software you can directly use on your website or mobile app. Since digital onboardings in Atfinity are configured, not programmed, even non-technical teams can create highly-customised onboarding journeys in just days. Choose from many readily available integrations with KYC, identity and signature tools to automate as much as possible. And when your clients leave the expected path, handle cases further in our user-friendly case manager.

Onboard your first customer next week

Choose from our buffet of ready-made processes and integrations

Atfinity's platform offers an efficient onboarding solution that can be configured in a matter of days. Our blueprints and years of experience ensure that your onboarding process will be a success. With Atfinity, you can quickly and easily onboard new clients without the need for extensive technical knowledge.

  • Configure, not program, your journey and be ready in a few days
  • Profit from our years of experience and onboarding blueprints

Ready-made Integrations

Choose from our integration app store or connect apis through configuration

With Atfinity, you can efficiently connect with external providers and offer a comprehensive onboarding solution to your clients. Easily integrate with app store providers for KYC/KYB, signatures, and more; without any development. Connect with specific APIs and non-listed providers through simple configuration to further automate your onboarding experience.

  • Integrate with app store providers for KYC, signatures and much more without any development
  • Connect other APIs and providers simply through configuration

Lower risk and cost

Lower both your cost and risk by using a ready-made software

Our platform is optimised for efficient onboarding, allowing you to easily manage the process from start to finish. Atfinity takes care of labour-intensive components, such as PDF generation, case management, reporting, and integrations. And if you need to adapt anything, you can quickly do so without the need to involve any software engineers.

  • Our platform is specifically optimised for onboarding
  • No need to build: PDF generation, case management, reporting or any other labour-intensive parts