CLM & Perpetual KYC

Set up and maintain such processes easily

Atfinity makes Client Lifecycle Management and Perpetual KYC/KYB/AML a breeze. Using the same rules as for your onboarding, you can set up and maintain such processes easily. Continuously monitor and review clients, transactions, and changes in circumstances to ensure they meet regulatory compliance requirements.

Lowest risk along the lifecycle

Stay ahead by constantly monitoring all clients

Atfinity's platform enables you to customise your client review process to your specific needs. We automate all your checks and ensure that client information is up-to-date and accurate. By streamlining your client review process we effectively minimise the risk of errors and ensure regulatory compliance at all times.

  • Configure exactly how you want to review clients
  • Automate checks and run them often

Share rules with other processes

Create a single, global ruleset for onboarding, reviews and more

Optimise your workflow by creating rules once and applying them across multiple processes, reducing the risk of errors. With shared, global rules and policies, your compliance experts have fewer things to check and can save valuable time. Additionally, you can repurpose your review rules to create digital onboarding journeys, resulting in more efficient and user-friendly processes.

  • Create rules once, use them everywhere
  • Simplify compliance work with a global ruleset
  • Re-use your review rules to create digital onboarding journeys

Lower risk and cost

Lower both your cost and risk by using a ready-made software

Our platform is optimised for efficient onboarding, allowing you to easily manage the process from start to finish. Atfinity takes care of labour-intensive components, such as PDF generation, case management, reporting, and integrations. And if you need to adapt anything, you can quickly do so without the need to involve any software engineers.

  • Our platform is specifically optimised for onboarding
  • No need to build: PDF generation, case management, reporting or any other labour-intensive parts