Loan Originations

A powerful tool to automate all steps of loan origination

Atfinity gives you a powerful tool to automate all steps of loan origination: Collect all necessary information, query relevant databases, apply your risk and credit scoring, follow approval workflows and push approved loans into your core systems. With Atfinity, all this can happen in an intuitive user interface, fully integrated with external APIs and current systems. And if your requirements ever change: Adapt your process without the need to involve any software engineer.

Start from where you are

Whether you are doing the first steps into digitization or have already many systems in place: We got you covered. 

Atfinity is a very pragmatic path to improve your current workflows. It works both as a standalone system and alongside existing systems. By both digitising current PDF-based and Excel workflows and integrating with APIs and tools from our app store, we are in a unique position to help loan providers in any stage of their digital transformation.

Reduce costs 

Automating tasks and direct integrations saves times and thus reduces costs

Efficient and accurate loan origination can significantly reduce your costs and risks. With our solution, you can automate tasks and benefit from direct integrations, resulting in significant efficiency gains. Our platform's guided process and streamlined approach enable you to manage your clients' information confidently, minimising errors and saving valuable time.

Increase your capabilities

Process more complex credit facilities and reach new markets

Atfinity can process a wide range of parameters and connect to all necessary data sources via APIs, resulting in more accurate and comprehensive risk profiling. With a more detailed understanding of the borrower's risk profile, lending providers can assess their ability to repay their loans more effectively. Additionally, Atfinity's loan origination tools enable lending providers to digitise more complex credit facilities, streamlining the lending process and improving overall efficiency.