KYC/KYB/AML Remediations

A tailored, specialised guided workflow

Significantly speed-up and streamline the tedious process of remediations with Atfinity. We will help you configure a tailored, specialised guided workflow to review any type of client relationship – up to really any level of complexity. Let us share best practices and templates from our years of experience with such situations.

Fully guided, simple to use

Guides workflows ensure your review happens exactly as specified

Atfinity's platform streamlines your workflow and ensures compliance by collecting all relevant client information. With our app store integrations, you can automatically perform frequent checks and minimise the risk of errors. Additionally, our simple-to-use case manager eliminates confusion and ensures that users are always aware of what to do next.

Start remediating in just a few days

Our AI-inspired rule engine helps you get clarity on your requirements

Our innovative AI-inspired rule engine calculates the necessary processes automatically for you. Simply provide us with all the puzzle pieces, add some workflow configuration, and start remediating your first client. Typically, even in very complex situations, we can create a review process in just a few days.

Make remediation an asset

Reuse all rules and policies to create perpetual KYC and onboarding processes

Rules and policies in Atfinity can be reused directly to create beautiful fully-digital onboarding journeys or create a perpetual KYC/KYB system in mere days. Turn your remediation efforts into the first steps for comprehensive digitalization.